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Something is changing!

I had been pretty vocal about the coverage of sustainability by the local free press and local politicians - between an overload of paper waste and a clear lack (or even absence) of considerations about climate change in the parties'programs, it has been therefore a great pleasure to see the trend change over the past few weeks.

One event that somehow triggered reactions was the Climate demonstration that happened globally on April 6th and which gathered 300 people in the center of Zug (and around 50'000 people throughout Switzerland). With the youth raising its voice, it seems that politicians have finally looked and heard claims and fears of the younger generations.

Since the beginning of the month, there has not been one issue of the Zuger Presse or Zuger Woche which has not covered Sustainability one way or the other: coverage of the demonstrations, interviews with political representatives to address the topic in the context of Zug (the canton is still considered the capital of Crypto currencies in Europe, the host of many big corporations' headquarters and the home of big fortunes of the world), mentions of zero-waste initiatives or events...

Please, go on and make it a systematic topic to open up about!

and well done to all local participants and organizations who try to make the world a better place, their way.

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