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14 already?!

The #52WEEKLYACTIONS community has been growing nicely, with almost 120 members sharing ideas, news and initiatives on how best to change your lifestyle and make the world a more sustainable place. This is exactly what OUTSIDE THE BOX is about, and what we have wished to accomplish when opening the floor to everyone's stories and words.

With a new month starting, we are looking at the further ditching disposable items, with a special focus on what can be found in our bathrooms. Morning and night-night routines are often hard to change, but a step-by-step approach can help you try new things without revolutionizing your habits.

As I shared here earlier, I am now pleased to use washable pads to remove make-up instead of cotton pads, and look into packaging-free soaps and shampoos for my everyday use. I haven't tried a menstrual cup yet, though I found myself a lot more attracted to washable hygienic pads.

I am fully aware I still have a lot to improve if I want to make my change coherent and effective on the long-term, and I am pretty curious and hopeful. THanks to OUTSIDE THE BOX and #52WEEKLYACTIONS it's been already easy to collect interesting ideas and feedback, and I hope may of you will also get inspired.

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