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2021 Resolutions

Ending the year with a retrospective involves looking into the new one with some kind of resolutions, or at least prospects for the coming months. Those are surely built on what 2020 brought in, with the level of pros and fails, especially those that do deserve a fair share of corrections. So here are some themes I want to look into this year:

Home waste management always needs improvement

This year, there's clearly been an increase in online shopping and a lot less focus on sorting out. I've surely failed on food waste, in order to reduce mental load on dealing with an extra waste bin or rounds to the Okihof. Clear foom for improvement here.

Self-confidence goes with deconstructing knowledge and learning again

Here I want to keep on sharing my journey on the road for a better, fairer and open-minded understanding of the world. Sustainability is a life-long learning process, and goes far beyond environmental aspects. I want to look into equality, gender, human rights, responsible finance, strategy...all topics that, if they are well managed, can contribute to a better world and a safer society.

The latest news coming for example from the US within the past 6 months have left me silent, unable to put the finger first one what has left me uncomfortable. What I eventually identified is my lack of confidence with critical topics, my lack of critical thinking and distance with my own lifestyle, and I want to have a better graps of all this.

Who run the world....girls!

My latest exchanges with local communities in Zug have highlighted my wish to support women, their business, their ideas, their motivations. Most probably OUTSIDE THE BOX will give the space to more women than before in the Stories section, and I feel that I have some kind of responsibility, as a working mother, to help and show support this specific network, locally and globally. I have had the chance so far to meet the right people and colleagues, and work in the right organization, to experience limited struggle to manage my work-life balance. If my privileges and experience can serve others, then there is no hesitation to have.

OUTSIDE THE BOX needs some boost and fresh air

Over the past few weeks, you might have noticed that the website has been taking a slower pace. It's been challenging, no doubt about it, to find the necessary time but also the mental and physical energy to dedicate myself to both my work and the website, which are both source of satisfaction and genuine happiness.

I have also been spending a lot more time on social media, which has made it easier to manage on a daily basis and a great way to meet a wonderful network of local people. I have enjoyed lately the way to think of sustainability from a visual, rather than narrative, perspective, so I have been thinking about the best way to keep on driving this same fun here.

It's been also discussed to finally organize an OTB-flavoured event, for instance using the Zug Art Project to meet people and discover Zug from a cultural perspective. When the pandemic allows it I am thinking of some tours, camera in the hand and use the occasion to meet and chat.

Disclaimer: Do not look into the picture to plan January - 1st Jan falls in 2021 on a Friday...

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