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A fresher look for a fresher vibe

Have you seen our new visual approach?!

Yes, it has taken more time than expected to do the site's required updates, but mostly because I just did not want to mess up and risk losing content.

This break has given me the opportunity to reconsider what I had in mind, mentally and visually, for OUTSIDE THE BOX. This is still not fully 100% satisfying, although I cannot put my finger on what I could or would change, but I am already feeling much closer to the way I feel, as a creative person, and to the way I want to share stories with you.

For sure one thing to focus on in the coming weeks will be the load of collected interviews to work on and share with you. Hopefully this gets back on track soon!

What's new?

  • The new blog design gives a greater place to pictures, which will also oblige me (in a positive way) to work on catchy titles and content. See for instance how the Stories section has been upgraded! Now I just need to work on the backlogs of interviews I have collected, with great stories and activities that hopefully can inspire others to start their own projects, too.

  • The Keyword tab on the right side has disappeared - I would have loved to keep it but the new bog mode does not allow to attach topics to articles. Instead however, you will find hashtags # in the articles: when clicking on them you'll access then all the other articles on the same topics.

  • To complement this, an intuitive search box is now available on the right: type a topic you are interested in (in English), try a few keywords and the engine will list all articles that have addressed the requested theme.

How can you help?

  • First of all, let us know what you think about those changes! What do you like / what don't you?

  • In terms of content and topics, what do you wish to see more addressed on OUTSIDE THE BOX? What are you interested in?

  • We are alway looking for your contributions, either in the shape of stories or postcards - jump in and share your words, experiences and advice!

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