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A hike to the Zugerberg

While Switzerland is further deconfining, we remain quite happy to avoid big crowds, and we prefer taking the roads early, especially if the plan is to look for a piece of nature in the canton. We hit the Zugerberg last Sunday with kiddo and the baby in the carrier, but it was not the original plan.

We first started the trip at Schonegg (the funicular station) where we parked the car, and headed towards the picnic place where kids have their "Waldtag", i.e. Forest Day organized weekly by the school. The surprise was big as behind the little hut where the school kids can hide under bad weather stands now the Wasserspiel station nr. 7 of the new WaldParcours that officially opened in May 2nd.

Many local stakeholders have partnered over the past 3 years to design 2 paths, the "comfy one" and the "sporty one" with various training stations to push your limits...or simply to have fun.

Plans changed as we started moving towards the Gemutiche Runde, as my son spotted the "secret path" he had found going throughout the forest and leading to a few wooden bridges through the little river cascading down the mountain. And up the mountain we went, then. The little path was keeping us protected from the sun, and we promptly ended on the main road that goes from Schonegg up to the top funicular station on top of the Zugerberg. We expected to go back, but the little guy figured out that eating a snack on top of the mountain would be the greatest reward for such a great hiking achievement.

So further up we hiked. And on top we shared a well-deserved sandwich and a plate of "Chicken nuggest

und Pommes" - the typical kiddy meal here in Switzerland.

And we walked back the same way, only to be welcomed by so many people sitting and grilling and playing in the same picnic area. The sound of birds chatting on the trees got covered by a loud Happy Birthday tune, and the smell of wet moss quickly turned into the smell of grilled sausages and smoke. And there, somehow, the reality stroke back: Lockdown was over. And we were not ready for it.

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