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...and we're back!

The last weeks have been extremely hectic, and I have had to take a little break and a necessary step back to take care of myself and look into the direction of OUTSIDE THE BOX in the future. When the main thought at night is to go sleep and recharge batteries to manage the day after, it means something urgent has to be done.

So what interesting stuff did you miss over the past few weeks?!


A Zug-friendly, digital-themed apero

I was lucky and grateful to be invited by the lovely Natalie and Abbie of Zug4You and represent OUTSIDE THE BOX during their After-Work Apero with other local bloggers and instagramers.

Our common point: living in Zug and its surroundings, and showcasing what great things can be found here.

But our respective universes are also very different:

  • Jayde is a fashion instagramer and fashion blogger, who shares her travel diaries, light packing guides, capsule wardrobes, organisational & eco living ideas and personal branding tips. Her world is pink, amazingly optimistic, and she shares such a good vibe both online and in person. Jayde_Archives - website

  • Lukasz and Lai are world travellers and photographers and share a colourful, yet peaceful vision of life. Travel.n.think - website

  • Kristin has been travelling around the canton and Switzerland and sharing her stories and experiences with all. Swiss Family Travel - website

  • At last but not least, Zug4You has been supporting expats to relocate in the region, by serving as a comprehensive information platform compiling all necessary services to start a new life somewhoere new. Zug4You - website

Needless to say, OUTSIDE THE BOX was the smallest of all, with "only" a few hundred people that visit the site each month (compared to the 64,3K followers of Jayde or 59k of Travel.n.Think on Insta for instance). However I still hope I can share what good things take place on the local sustainability scene.

I also need to give myself some slack, and on the same occasion some credits: with a full time job and a family on the side, it's been hard to dedicate time and energy to keep the right pace on my own. The aim of OUTSIDE THE BOX as never been also to make a living out of it, so the time-work investment has been going up and down. Hopefully I'll get my things right together like it used to be.

Thanks Zug4You for this great invitation and opportunity!


The Zuger Woche (issue Nr. 18, 01.05.2019) has given illegal waste management its frontpage and 2 more articles.

With 706 kg of waste per person each year, Swiss inhabitants haven been on the top 5 of biggest waste producers in Europe. In parallel however, the recycling rate has reached 217kg per person per year, which is almost threefold higher in average that the rest of Europeans. Waste management conditions are quite regulated in the country. While the recycling stations are available in many places, the bags to dispose of your daily, non-recyclable waste are either to be purchased (10 bags of 35L cost for example 25 CHF in Zug) or covered in your local taxes, and they need to be placed in specific, allowed containers.

With the campaign "Reiner Zuger Natur", the Zuger Woche invites its readers to become "waste detectives": if you come across illegal littering in the wild or in the city, you can make a picture, note the date, hour and location, and send it to the newspaper's redaction. At OUTSIDE THE BOX we would invite you also to go one step further: if feasible and safe, remove and responsibly discard what can be, and make it your routines especially if a bin is placed nearby.


Biodiversity problematics has reached the Zuger Presse (issue N.17, 01.05.2019) as "Topic of the Week".

The first week of May was obviously a very positive one in terms of local media coverage of sustainability-related topics. The Zuger Presse focused on biodiversity and the ongoing actions from the Canton authorities as well as organizations such as Pro Natura to "renaturize" lands, with a special focus on bogs and swamps.

A quick reminder to the readers that all species are interconnected and that their survival is critical to all, hopefully, will also help everyone take a better care of the local environment.

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