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BridgingTheGap to Youth Forum, 18 Sept 2019

You do not have plans today and want to know how our gloal youth can make a difference in the world?

You like last minute plans (because we only received the invitation for the Forum yesterday....)? Join the BridgingTheGap to Youth Forum and take active part in forums and presentations:

"The BridgingTheGap to Youth Forum connects emerging young leaders with decision-makers—from business, government and community sectors—to bridge opportunity gaps and co-create solutions to the challenges they face."

The event is happening live in Toronto, Canada, but it is also accessible throughout the day online between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time (3:00 PM - midnight Central European time).

Click on the picture above to access the information and be an active player of change!

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