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Carnival Waste

After Halloween and Christmas, and just before Valentine hits us straight in the face in the shops, it is now Carnival time in the supermarkets. This means that after tons of wrapping papers or plastic-wrapped advent calendars, you will find hips of costumes, and like you can see on the picture, giant bags of coloured paper confettis.

And like every year most will end up on the ground and end their way in the water pipes after a good street cleaning. Some cities in Europe have banned them from their traditional events as they tend also to block the pipes and colours dilute in the natural water channels, and biodegradable options are generally too expensive for cities and event organizers to consider as alternatives.

So what I see here in the shelves of Migros is plain, useless, avoidable waste. What do you see?!

Can you think of other options - others that my favourite one: do not use them - to use as alternative to confettis?

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