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Climate Emergency reaches Zug

Climate demonstration in front of Zug's cantonal Council (pic: wia / Zentral+)

For the past months, the international youth has ditched school many times and followed Greta Thunberg to ask our political leaders to change the world urgently.

Greta only could be the source of inspiration that we all need to kick ourselves and start doing something serious. The way she talks, the way she strikes, the way she struggles....she has been criticized by so many incompetent idiots, but she has not fallen apart the way most of us would do. She deserves to be part of so many #FridayInspiration mentions here.

The international response has been as inspiring and exhilarating as her words - and while many complained for years that not much happened in Zug, the local youth has proven the contrary. The past climate demonstrations have been well followed, and the latest news has seen the concept of "Climate emergency" reach the cantonal Council on 23 May.

Thanks to the input of three cantonal councillors, the Council was asked to vote in favour of the mention of a "local climate emergency", pushing then the local authorities to define measures leading to the effective reduction of CO2 emissions in the Canton.

For a canton in which a lot of companies' headquarters are based (do we need to mention how Glencore manages its environmental and human right business in the world?), Zug is hopefully going in the right direction and leading by example, thanks to its youth's motivation.

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