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Confinement - Week 1

There is so much to write about the current situation in the world. We have at least the chance in Switzerland to benefit from a lot of space for not that many people, and we have decided to take advantage of the outdoors as long as it is allowed*.

To combine exercising, fresh air and educational opportunities (schools will be closed for another 3 weeks, at least), we have taken the habit to walk around the local farms and look into animals and plants. My agro-knowledge remains limited, but I always try to find questions to ask, things to look at and memories to share.

One positive thing also to live next to the countryside is the presence of the Hofladen, the little shops set by the farms in which they sell their fresh products, including fresh milk. This has reassured me highly, especially when pictures of empty supermarket shelves have started to circulate.

We have bought a lot of fresh items, from dairy supplies to colourful Easter eggs, cheese, homemade sausages, and I don't know how many glasses of freshly-made apple juice. Not that these items are missing in the supermarket nearby; but it makes me especially happy to support local shops and farmers, even if the prices are higher. Some farms have also turned digital: while many still work on trust basis (you actually put your change in a metal box with no one to control you), some also accept Twint payment, so you can do your shopping and pay with the app instead, and it works wonders.

*Please note that here is not the place to discuss -and judge - the pros and cons of confinement and sanitary emergency. We can see the dramatic effect of the pandemics in the world, and I sincerely fear for the life and safety of my relatives and friends throughout the world. As mentioned, we are priviledged enough to have plenty of empty land to enjoy fresh air, and for the few people we meet on the way we systematically ensure a minimum distance of 2 meters. We are not going into playgrounds, we are not gathering nor having a social life, and we limit our movements to these walks and food shopping. As for the safety measures around the different farms, we respect social distancing as much as basic hygiene rule when entering/leaving the various places: no touching of the items, systematic handwashing, no more than 2-3 people in the places based on the rules set by the farms themselves etc...

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