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Confinement - Week 3

Week 3 is going absolutely well, despite the cold that came back at the beginning of the week and a certain lack of sleep, the kind giving you a slight headache throughout the day. But the pics above nicely summarize how things are going so far:

  • Good coffee is a scarce resource, and our order from Mame in Zurich was more than welcome. There are a lot of local shops that you can suppose by ordering online and either have your order shipped or picked up locally. In Zug you can place an order with Kahawa Café & Roastery, the awesome guys normally available in the middle of Freiruum.

  • We are continuously cooking. I mean, of course we were cooking before; I just feel however that we have a stronger sense of quality than usual. We are careful with the ingredients we use, to prevent any waste, especially as we go food-shopping once every 7 to 10 days. We do have enough stocks of long conservation items from the supermarket, but we also support our neighbour farms by buying fresh things (and with 2 bottles of milk gone within 2-3 days, the Milch Automat is our friend). Like many people I have seen online, we tend to bake bread a little more than usual; funny enough you cannot find dry yeast anymore, but fresh one is still available at Migros. I have also found a quick recipe to bake cookies within 15mn max, which is perfect to conserve a nice coffee break tradition.

  • Home still does not look like work, it still does not look like school. We have managed to keep a certain order and spaces, and we are quite happy about our routines. Homeschooling is a big word: unless you'd find an educative episode of Paw Patrol to share, competition will remain high. We are still going for our walks, we are still trying to find things to discuss and learn in everything we see; but we have also gladly received some activities from school, and identified some TV shows in various languages that will serve as lessons for 30mn maximum. Let's not hit ourselves here either: we do what we can in the context and we do our best.

And in the meantime, as the sun hits our playground downstairs...I see families gathering and play. I am not here to judge...but man...seriously...let's all work on this together.

Take care of yourselves, lovely readers, and see you again soon.

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