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Confinement - Week 4

This "new normal" is certainly strange, but the routines we have set have showed that they work. The Swiss semi-confinement is such a priviledge compared to our relatives that are stuck at home strictly, and we keep on our walks outside by looking for spots through which we will cross the path of a handful of people.

While Week 3 started with freezing, negative temperatures, spring is now back in town (waving at summer as the heat goes well up in the afternoons) and with this a range of things to observe closely: flowers are blooming, lizards and bees are back, and the sun is up till late enough for our son to complain that the clock is broken. Oh, and yes, birds start singing at 4.30 am (how do I know? ask the baby...).

In the meantime we still need to arrange calls and work "almost business as usual", while people are queuing with masks and gloves to enter the supermarket at 7.30 am, keeping a proper 2 meters safety distance. Some already talk about the end of the confinement, while the measures here in Switzerland have been extended by one week, until April 26th.

The sun is up and light helps us cheer up a little. But since the first day of this confinement, we only had less than 24 hours of rain. The grass is still green, but the neighbour's field is turning dry soil. The level of water of the nearby rivers are not that high, and the coming 10 days are still showing summery weather, a little too early.

I still do not have the time, the heart of the energy to really look into the environmental impact of covid in our life, nor to think and hope about a brighter future where climate change is finally considered a genuine emergency. But I hope, I wait and I take the days as they come, until we will be able to hold our loved ones in our arms.

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