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Confinement Week 5

Last week, Confinement Week Nr. 5, was strangely tiring.

The situation in Switzerland had not changed however: we were still allowed to go out, we were still avoiding crowds, we were still keeping social distance with the neighbours in our community. We have been quite proud about our routines, but I think the lack of "me-time" has finally impacted us morally and physically. Easter was such a great time, but not spending the long weekend with our relatives was not easy, especially as we do not know when we will be allowed to meet next.

The bonus point is for sure the time we manage to spend together as a family: we get to see all the baby's milestones, we managed to film the Easter bunny, we have the playground for ourselves before the families around get up, and the weather has been on our side.

How are you all doing? We hope you are still safe and sound - this is not over....

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