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Disclaimer - as we sometimes need some...

Dear OUTSIDE THE BOX readers,

We've been informed today that a link listed on the Weihnachten im Schuhkarton article shared in September was inappropriate.

We took immediate action to review the situation and content to see what has happened, and it is pretty obvious that the link we originally shared was not what was then available. How long this has been on, we cannot know unfortunately.

Let's quickly look at the details.

Weihnachten im Schuhkarton is driven by a Christian organization. This was never a secret and presented in the early stage of the interview with Franziska. I will be honest and transparent here, I have not checked the background and possible controversies behind the religious organization leading the campaign; my key focus and interest were on Franzi's commitment and the campaign itself, which I sincerely believe can bring joy to children.

The website that was originally linked in our article was official, leading readers to practical information for people to take part in this year's campaign. The alternative site that popped instead was an aggressive attack against the organization, with serious claims that I cannot and will not check. The tone was aggressive, statements were violent, depicting the campaign as an artefact to religiously corrupt children and family in needs and convert them to an extremist version of catholicism.

Whether I should have done more research about the organization and means behind the Weihnachten im Schuhkarton campaign is a sure thing; however I did make the choice to split the religious background and the campaign itself, in full consciousness, again to focus on the rather human, humanist aspects of the story. Whether this is right or wrong, it is up to you to decide.

OUTSIDE THE BOX has been founded and is being driven on tolerant, ethical and respectful principles. Religion has never been addressed so far, but should it be a topic of interest and discussion, it is with open-mindness, tolerance and love of others' beliefs that it would be. Discussions in the comments section or on our Facebook page are fairly limited; however be assured that strict moderation would apply should there be a breach in the above-mentioned principles.

Should anyone have come across this side article, be assured that this was not in our intentions, and we can only apologize if anyone has been hurt or disturbed by it. Franziska and the Swiss association have been immediately informed of the situation, and the link removed from the original article.

Sustainability is not a "black or white" issue; should we have to pick an image, I would rather pick the "half empty -half full glass" instead. It is not simple, it is not straightforward. But each little step might eventually make a difference.

OUTSIDE THE BOX is meant as an exchange platform to help each other learn and progress toward a better world. I hope this is something that we manage to convey in the articles and stories we share here.

Thank you again for your understanding, and thanks to our readers for keeping their eyes and heart open.

With love,


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