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Discover Zug through its art and join the game!

I have had this map on my desk for a very long time and I had been willing to share it with you here with some ideas of participatory content. As I have been struggling with the winter mood and weather lately, I figured it's the best time now to get everyone's positive and creative energy along and join forces for a fun project!

The city of Zug is full of art pieces disseminated throughout its streets, its walls and even in the Zugersee itself. The "Kunst im oeffentlichen Raum - Art in the public space" map is available in the Tourism Office at the central train station and lists 100 not-to-miss spots, including many that you would not think of as art creations (e.g. the little cabanes in the Badi are listed for example).

One side of the map will show you where to find them on the city plan, the other one will give you a quick description with the name of the piece, the artist's name, the date, and its location.

Some pieces are fairly obvious ones, for example Nr. 94 - Seesicht, from Roman Signer on the lake side, or the weirdest Nr. 96 - Myzot Nachtwaechter from Venske und Spaenle (see below pictures). Some however seem totally hidden within the local urban architecture and might be hard to spot on the daily basis. After all, I even do not look anymore at the red man statue next to the Migros gym on Baarerstrasse although I pass by this place pretty much every day.


Now I would like to invite our Zug readers to join the treasure hunt and help me spot the 100 art pieces in town!

How to join the project and be part of the game?

  • Get your copy of the map at the Tourism Office in the central station.

  • Send the pictures of the arts you have spotted to contact[at] or via OUTSIDE THE BOX Facebook page . Make sure to send me the number of the art piece, a date, your first name and if you wish a caption you'd want to include.

  • With time, I will list them on the website (under the Zug section and/or Stories-Postcards section on top of this page); that will surely take a while and I still need to design the best format (the website will list the entries by publication date and not by title, so please bear with me!)

  • In case of multiple entries, the articles will be edited to add all pics you will send!

  • Please make sure that the pictures are yours - why not be on it even?!

  • As we progress I will then tick the arts out of the map.

There is no deadline whatsoever, but I am curious about the time limit we'll need to tick the 100 of them!

Oh, I guess we can also think of a little reward for the best treasure hunters in town... ;)

So...who's in??

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