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Apart from the Instagram #bestnine of the previous year, another tradition when a new year comes is to find your Word of the Year.

Either you are inspired, unlike me, and find the word that seems to define best your expectations and ambitions. Or you enter into a deep dive within yourself and actively reflect on your future you and pick the word that best represent it.

Or you do like me and complete one of these stupid crossword tests found online and list the first 3 words you see into the grid. these words are supposed to be the one defining you.

Empower. Breakthrough. Money.

These were my words. Adn I have to admit they did not fall far from what I had in mind for 2021. And in view of the internal journey I have started to open my eyes to different hirozons and realities, Empower is an important one for me.

I want to empower others, and be empowered myself in whatever I do.

Privately AND professionally.

I am aware of the mountain to climb and the efforts to bring, but somehow I find I have now the right mindset to move forward.

To celebrate this word, I have decided to mark the occasion by ordering a personalized keyring and card from Re-Adore, a new, local online store in the canton. The brand designs really nice, high-quality gifts from reclaimed leather, and the cutting and embossing of your piece will be done carefully by hand. Knowing one of Re-Adore's founder has made this little, customized purchase even more special to me, and I hope to share an interview soon with you here.

Have you picked a Word of the Year for 2021?

Leave a comment and share with us the background of your choice!

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