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Fast fashion does it again

Zara and H&M seem to share the same designers.

Do you recognize the picture on the right? This is from an article we wrote in November 2018 already regarding how fast fashion brands are using key words and a cute picture to do some proper greenwashing and make their customers believe they are doing a right thing by buying the apparel and sharing such a message.

In the meantime, Save our planet...has probably been one of the most visited post on OUTSIDE THE BOX, and hopefully newcoming readers have understood that we are not keen to support fast fashion for the amount of resources used and wasted, for the dramatic working conditions of the employees working in the production chains, and for the obvious "feel-good" momentum generated through such communications campaigns.

Well, the picture on the left was taken a week ago in an H&M store in Switzerland.

Recognizing something here?

Lately H&M - along other standard fast fashion brands, don't misunderstand me - has been involved in a lot of news reports showing that nothing has changed despite a lot of good wills following the dramatic 2013 collapse of the Dhaka garment factory. The latest reports were showcasing how global garment brands were profiting from forced Uighur labor in China, or how they would not support the rights of the labour forces in many countries during the covid19 pandemic.

I could not find the details, including the price, of this tshirt as it does not seem to be available online (and needless to say I had to scroll through 1000+ tshirts and tops!).

However I have to share another bad, greenwashing surprise that you can buy for 15 CHF: An Earth Day Everyday tshirt. The only information I could find stated the material used (Cotton), its production origin (India), but no idea where the tshirt itself was produced. I will have a look if I see it in the shop nearby.

What a disappointment....but not so surprising anyway...

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