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  • Marie

Feeding the birds

This has been in the pipeline since the first lockdown, and it's finally taking shape: we are building a bird feeding house!

The design and instructions can be found here on the site of NABU - Nature And Biodiversity Conservation Union, one of the oldest and largest environmental associations in Germany. You'll find them in German, but obviously the shape is fairly straight-forward, and there will be enough tutorials online for you to build the house of your dreams!

The process takes a little time though, probably because one needs to manage the expectations of a 6 year old while making sure tools are used and stored safely. But for now, the base roof is there and has been brightly painted, the plexiglas plate has been chopped, and I do have some bird seeds waiting somewhere in the storage.

Hopefully this one will be more successful than our mini bug hotel which has remained empty for the time being. I will see how we could clear the balcony further to give our future friends the needed space to thrive this winter.

We'll surely share the final results in the coming days and hopefully tell you about our future guests!


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