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French National Organ Donation Day 2019

From what I could find online there is no international day for this topic, but many countries have implemented their own celebrations to raise the case for post-mortem and alive organ donations.

The Head surgeon from the Pompidou Hospital in Paris who was interviewed on the radio today was extremely inspiring, explaining that such a topic should not be a taboo and should be discussed openly, without fear, between all generations, among friends and relatives.

With approx. 6,000 transplanted in France in 2019 and more than 20,000 on waiting lists for donation, it is critical to share with loved ones our opinions on the topic. As he objectively said, "to live actively it is better to accept the obvious fact that we will eventually all die, but our death can help others live on".

In France, the law makes each and everyone a potential donor and receiver of organs, "by default". If one does not want to donate, a notice should be proactively made on a national registry which will be respected at the time of your death.

This topic is especially sensitive and important to my heart, as 2 loved ones were able to receive a transplant and resume a normal life. I have a donor card in my wallet, I have shared my wishes already within the family, and have discussed the topic with my friends. There is still much to be done on this level, awareness is one.

To the French readers of OUTSIDE THE BOX:

Je vous conseille de tout coeur de lire cette histoire couverte hier par France Inter: "Don d'organes : l'histoire de la femme de mon ami", un récit touchant et qui illustre parfaitement la réalité des dons.

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