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I haven't shared here a #FridayInspiration post in a long time. Not because I have not found inspiration in what I do on a daily basis, but there has been enough crap happening in the world at the moment to seriously lose hope and motivation.

I was a Vogue enthusiast some years ago, totally fascinated by a world full of colours and creativity. I even moved kilos of issues from one apartment to another, until I found a stronger enthusiast who could give them a better home than mine. And with more time I grew my knowledge and mindfulness around body positivity and anger against fash fashion, and what embodies the excess of fashion more than the fashion press....

However I do sometimes calm down and open my eyes to some special issues. Last time I told you about finding inspiration in crisis, and last year I jumped into Elle's September issue dedicated to Sustainability.

This year I am reading Vogue's September issue, whose theme "Forces for Change" has been driven by HRH Meghan Markle. Lost between dozens and dozens of fashion-driven advertizing pages (which do not make my heart beat anymore), profiles of businesses and women who lead the way towards positive change are more than welcome, and more than refreshing to read.

And as I was tryingto relax and read quietly on my sofa, a blanket on my growing belly, the words of Dr. Jane Goodall, interviewed by HRH the Prince Harry himself, finally reached me while I was feeling gloomy:

"How do you remain hopeful?

First of all, youth. Second, this amazing intellect [...] The last reason for hope is the indomitable human spirit."

I have been generally a positive, optimistic person, and I said early I was looking forward to innovation and creativity to bring along great changes to the world. But yes, I have also been fighting our world's gloomy reality and anger against human stupidity. I am still trying to find the best way to phrase myself in a coming article, but this introspection hasn't been an easy thing to do so far.

So these words, as simple as they are, have been refreshing, helpful and calming.

There is hope, because as much as many, many, MANY people and ideas in the world just suck, there are also many, may, MANY other souls and ideas that are just tremendous.

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