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#FridayInspiration - 2020: is there hope?

In a world where Amazonia, Siberia and Australia are burning like hell and where our political leaders seem to be more interested in golfing or taking vacations in Hawai rather than reflecting on the climate emergency, there is somehow little room for hope.

But we need to remain focused and hope that a new year will bring new opportunities (my apologies, I was so close to quoting Spiderman here...), and the below 2 reads are actually the kind that should help you raise your head over the smoke

This is this week's #FridayInspiration post.

First of all, I strongly invite you to read the Harvard Business Review's Top Sustainability Stories of 2019, it it slightly refreshing and had been the best Happy New Year message I received from a dear friend a few days ago as the fireworks were filling the streets with smoke.

The Guardian also published in December its "A-Z of climate anxiety: how to avoid meltdown", a comprehensive glossary of eco-concepts or current trends to look for / look at / fight for in 2020.

What are the points that seem most relevant to you?

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