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International Volunteers for WWF Zug - June events

Let's Learn About Permaculture - Thursday 25 June 2020

18:30-19:30 Central European Time

online Zoom call

Many of us have heard the term permaculture, but what does it actually mean? According to Alpine Permakultur Schweibenalp, Permaculture emphasises the sustainability and cooperative support in all processes of life. This begins with the development of symbiotic plant communities and includes all life cycles in nature. Going further, permaculture includes sustainable energy procurement, sustainable building construction, and sustainable community development.

Schweibenalp is the largest alpine permaculture project in Switzerland, with 20 hectares of land located in Brienz. The organisation also leads workshops, events, and guided tours to educate people on the importance of permaculture.

You can find more information here-->

Angelika Haessig, a member at Schweibenalp, will be discussing the benefits of permaculture, what Schweibenalp offers, and her story. We will also have time for questions.

More about Angelika:

"In 2015 I left behind my old life in Geneva, my job as an accountant in an international NGO, a relationship that had lasted one third of my lifetime, a flat, friends... and I decided to become a volunteer in the seed garden of the Alpine Permaculture on Schweibenalp. Destiny gave me the opportunity to take over this part of the permaculture project in 2017. Since then I have been active, not only in the seed garden, but also in the community in general, in the human resources, reception and housekeeping.

As a team of 25 people, with the support of volunteers, we manage a seminar center and the alpine permaculture. It is an experiment of living and working together. Every day we have the opportunity to grow and transform as human beings. The beautiful surrounding in the Bernese Oberland, overlooking the Lake of Brienz and the permaculture landscape is very nourishing and healing."

Feel free to join us if you're interested in learning more!

The Zoom Link info will be sent out 24 hours before the event to your personal e-mail. If you do not receive it, please let us know in the comments.


Cigarette Butt Campaign Cleanup - 27 June 2020

10.00 Central European time

As part of our campaign against cigarette butts we will be organizing a few cleanups until November. We will meet at Chollermulli train stop, at 10:00, on the side by the lake. We will walk into town, through the fields and along lake picking up trash as we go (about 3.5km). We will put aside the cigarette butts and collect them to see how many we can collect until November.

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