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Is This How You Feel?

Some time ago I shared with you my emotions regarding climate change and the concept of eco-anxiety.

When I wrote this article I had made some online research to look into what had been written on the topic, and I ended up on an older website called Is This How You Feel?

The page and social media accounts are indeed old, with the first posts on Twitter bringing you back to 2014. However the date did not matter to me as the topic addressed by Is This How You Feel? has a great relevance nowwadays. After all, we are living straight in a world where climate change has become an issue carried by millions of people in the world, led by a generation which will suffer the most from it in the coming decades.

The project has asked scientists but also students and general citizens to share their feelings and opinions about climate change. Letters from all over the world and a large amount of scientific institutions that have been received online or by post have been transcribed for an easier understanding. The website also shares school projects on the topic, giving the floor to this youth and their ideas and hopes.

Have a look: to me, Is This How You Feel? hasn't aged at all and is especially relevant nowadays.

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