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L'Occitane finally launches reusable containers!

Almost a year ago, L'Occitane launched their "eco-recharge refill" program with the plan. Back then, when I had a look in person in the Zug store in Metalli, I had realized that one thing was obviously missing: the containers for the same products.

My wish has been granted it seems, as L'Occitane launched a pouch with 4 re-usable containers (2 bottles, 1 spray and 1 cream) which are all in aluminium, for the price of 20 CHF. Compared to the same refillable travel kits you can find in Migros for instance, this is actually not bad at all: here we are not talking about all-plastic kit, the design is fairly cute (despite the "eco-cute jargon" on the bottles), and one can finally say bye-bye to the mini one-use-only small bottles you get in any other pouches.

You will find more information on the brand's homepage as well as the details of their eco-recharge sortiments. Yes, the offer to get non-reusable containers for the purchase of two refills is still on....

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