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Landi & HofMarcht in Baar

In a small city like Zug, the opening of a new shopping area is not something you can miss, especially because most of the local people I have been following on Instagram have had a sneak peek at it already. Here I am talking of course of the new Landi that opened next to Baar Lattich, and its farmer's market.

Week after week we followed the old warehouse's destruction and the construction of the new one, but it's only a few weeks ago that we discovered the new site would host the biggest Landi of the Canton. For the non-Swiss readers, Landi is a hobby shop allowing you to find whatever you need for your home and garden, but especially dedicated to farming. You'll find a very interesting mix of things to buy there, from animal food (here we are talking home pets but also horses or cows), to large stocks of baking supplies, flowers and plants and gardening tools. I dared comparing Landi with the Bau & Hobby shop talking with my husband, who did not agree on the comparison, but the "DIY vibe" is the same. It's been great also to see some zero-waste opportunities for fruits, vegetables, plants and especially dog crackers that you can buy by the weight, first time I ever see it.

As for the HofMarcht at the shop's entrance, you will find there a great range of products you'll find in the local farms around. If you want to make a nice, authentic set of presents, this is the place. I do miss however the local vibe one would find doing the same shopping at the farm itself, but the place is nice, neat and modern, including a lovely coffee place with fresh products and coffee.

Find the new Landi on Lattichstrasse in Baar, accessible also with Bus Nr. 3.

Parking was free when we visited, however the entrance barriers indicate it might eventually become paid parking.

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