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Mamie Colette

Mamie Colette (Granny Colette if you had to translate it into English) is the name of my own grandma, and at the age of 95 I am still a lucky person to have her in my life. So when I came across the profile of Mamie Colette on Instagram and read about their support to zero waste practices, my heart jumped a little more than usual.

The Founder, Delphine, has been selling various items that can help you embrace a zero-waste life, including various kits covering shopping (bags, pouches), hygiene (make-up removal wipes, baby wipes, reusable handkerchiefs) and lifestyle (napkins, tawashi sponges). After my positive experience and interaction with Kufu, I fell in love with the various designs of Mamie Colette.

And therefore I made zero-waste a topic for this past Christmas:

I bought myself a set handerchiefs in their dedicated, 2-compartments cover, and 2 very colourful pouches which will serve me for both work and shopping. And because Delphine is absolutely sweet, I also received an extra pouch as present, as well as a sweet hand-written note thanking me for the purchase. I also bought as presents these cute napkins as well as a "zero-waste discovery kit" that I hope will serve their purpose right (I do understand though that the net bag might generate some reactions for usual non-users!).

On the website you will always find a blog in which Delphine and the site's other contributor, Christelle, list zero-waste and vegan recipes as well as tips to make your own detergents. Next test from our side at the OUTSIDE THE BOX home: trying again to make a chocolate mousse out of chickpeas water.


Find Mamie Colette online:

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