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Marta & Alex, aka Gravella's Adventures

We're pleased to introduce Marta and Alex, a lovely Italian-German couple, as our new contributors of the Postcards section on OUTSIDE THE BOX!

I met Marta during a Wordpress-related workshop: wile I was trying to find the best options to further develop OUTSIDE THE BOX, she was already planning the best way to share the stories she and her boyfriend Alex would experience during their future worldtrip starting a few months later.

These were the first steps of Gravella's Adventures.

So far, since May 2019, the trip has brought them to Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakshtan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Malaysia, and they are now in Lombok, Indonesia.

So one could argue of course that a worldtrip has nothing to do with sustainability.

Well, obvously we are strong advocate here of non-flying trips. However the Gravella's adventurers also took local trains, busses, cars boats and even rid horses to progress, and they have emphasized how critical it is to them to connect with local communities to build even stronger stories.

Alex and Marta have accepted to send us postcards throughout their journey, they will be shared here on OUTSIDE THE BOX. You can also follow their day-to-day activities on their very active Instagram feed.

Pics/Courtesy of Gravella's Adventures


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