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More littering in Zug because of Corona?

This is the way the Luzerner Zeitung introduced a clear fact about our lovely city of Zug: it has become somehow dirtier over the past months, especially if you venture next to the Zugersee lake on a Saturday or Sunday morning.

Let's be clear: the reason why the streets and squares are dirty is not Corona - it is people's stupidity and laziness to manage their trash.

I mean, seriously, look at the picture here: there is a bin literally 5 meters away! And surprisingly enough, the most waste we removed when attending the WWF cleanup session a month ago was actually next to the bins. Try to find the logic here (spoiler alert: there is none and it makes me so angry).

There has been a clear increase in pollution related to the single-use masks and gloves who end their life in our oceans. Again, this has not been brought up by Corona: this has been brought up by people who do not have any respect for their community, for the environment.

I took this into practice, as I was feeling desperate to see masks on the ground. I made it a little experience on a Saturday afternoon to walk to the lake and back, which would represent max. 4km. And on the way I counted how many disposable masks I would find.

This day I found 8.

I have to admit I expected more, as I already had seen more within a shorter distance, especially on work days as people are obliged to wear one to commute in public transports.

Fair enough one or two might have fallen by mistake out of a pocket the same way a tissue does.

But does that make it any better? I dont think so.

So yes, we need to be mindful of the virus. Yes, we need to take care of each other. But can we make it, minding our environment? I would think so. I would hope so. It seems not many agree.

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