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New Year's resolutions, people?

2019 is not totally over yet - the third decade of the 21st century however is soon approaching.

2020 still looks like a sci-fi, dreaded deadline to me, but I also want to see in this number a potential sign of progress (I am still waiting for the flying cars that the 80’s promised us for 2000). Fingers crossed, so far I have had the impression that 2019 had been a pretty crappy year for our planet and human society in so many places in the world.

See, I still (want to) have some faith in humanity despite proper sleep deprivation (I am currently typing this post at 4.15am).


I know there is still time and many of us are only working on Advent and Christmas plans. 

But I am already looking and asking you to look into New Year’s Resolutions, the ones that involve positive change and inspirational action for a more sustainable world.

I have been very interested by the triggers of change lately, what makes us approach new (better?) ways of living: 

Why have you decided to go zero-waste?

Why have you turned flexitarian / vegetarian / vegan?

Why are you now recycling?

What factors do you consider the most important, which have pushed you to change:

your impact on the environment? curiosity? peer-pressure? affordabilityand availability of solutions?

So I am considering to test a little introspective work with you, to prepare these resolutions to come and see how we could work together to embrace the new year and sustainability on the individual level.


I have prepared a few questions for you to think of - there is of course no right or wrong answers, but the idea is to assess where you stand and what would help you move towards “greener” habits. There are already so many options online to help you calculate your ecological footprint, your emissions, your water impact here we will look at something different: inspirations, purposes, triggers.

Click on the pics to enlarge them, and feel free to send us back your answers by mail or in the comment section so that we share these inspirational points with each other.

To give you an idea i have answered them as well. I hope you will find in OUTSIDE THE BOX a trust-worthy platform to share your own words: I will obviously be happy and proud to share them if you allow me.

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1 Comment

Virginie Marty
Virginie Marty
Jan 03, 2020

Hello Marie ! I am among those people who thought they cared about ecology but were not doing anything practical about it until recently. So here are my two cents.

In 2019 I have :

-embrace the German way of recycling : one container for the plastic and the aluminium, one for the paper, one for the glass and one for the other stuff. Earlier we were in China and Mexico, and recycling was not a thing at that time. Now we live in Germany and I feel good about sorting my trash. As we have a garden, we sort the vegetable and fruit peels in a compost too.

-I try to buy less or think a lot before buyin…

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