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ON EST PRET - Season 2!

Last year, OUTSIDE THE BOX was proud to support the movement of ON EST PRET, a program of positive change set by French bloggers and famous YouTubers to invite each and everyone to start eco-friendly actions and embrace sustainable lifestyles.

Each day, the cool kids of social media shared actions, and we were happy to relay them in English for our non-French-speaking readers. 31 messages and a legal action against the French government later, the ON EST PRET movement is still going stronger and decided to launch its 2020 campaign along the COP 25 event in Madrid.

Between 9 and 19 December, 11 eco-challenges will be shared and target different levels of eco-activists, from total newbies to expert ones. This year, the program will specialize in the topic of biodiversity and look into scenarios until 2050: how can we, inhabitants of the planet in the days before 2020, make a real difference in helping the world, and prove the most dramatic climate scenario wrong?

See you next week to start reviewing the challenges; like last year we will relay them in English, and we invite you all to share your feedback. And to help our French readers wait, here is the video shared to launch the program.

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