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Our nursery...part 2!

Our new nursery

Some weeks ago I started our 2019 plant nursery, which ended up being an ultimate fail. While the start gave me quite some hope, as the technique of last year (kindergarten-style, using cotton pads, water and good words to the seeds) seemed to work at first.

A hot summer day killed my hope - and with it all the baby plants. Strawberry seeds had been the weakest and barely opened, while tomatoes dried depressingly fast.

This time we decided to go straight for proper earth and picked biodegradable growing pots that can be planted then directly after in bigger containers, and looked into other options including cucumber, melon and basil seeds.

These guys seems a lot more resilient as last time, probably thanks to an ultimate watering programme (if needed twice per day), a good amount of sun when the temperatures allow it, and the same amount of love and good words.

Melons are the most active for sure, while the tomatoes seem to do better. We will just need to wait a few more weeks until we can replant and leave everything exposed outside: it's been just too cold for now, almost freezing temperatures in the mornings.

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