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OUTSIDE THE BOX & social networks

OUTSIDE THE BOX has now been running for almost 3 years, this is absolutely crazy!

Back then, I was still a strong Facebook user, and it was a logical decision to open a Page dedicated to the blog as a mean to share the latest articles, and possibly drive the community I was hoping to build eventually. While the Page started gathering some kind of attention among my own network, it did not generate the buzz I had wished for, and it's been very hard to generate exchanges via comments. And with the current time and energy constraints I have been experiencing, it's been even harder to drive the content of this page, share articles and ideas there.

In the meantime, I became an Instagram user privately, sharing there the latest posts and discussions in the middle of my daily activities. It's been a lot easier and faster for me to use this channel, also opening the range of far different and broader networks than my private one. I have connected with a lot of like-minded people, discovered fantastic influencers in the field of Sustainability, and had the ultimate chance to feel a lot closer to where I live by discovering new accounts, new places, new stories. These are things that Facebook was not providing me with anymore.

Sharing visual content has also been much easier and faster via Instagram. Sometimes, a picture does the job better than a lengthy blog post, and sharing Stories on possibly meaningless things helps me turn OUTSIDE THE BOX as a living organism, not a site with planned posts, algorithms and analytics.

So I decided a few weeks ago to split my private account and create one dedicated to OUTSIDE THE BOX.

This might be temporary, this might be a mistake, and I promised myself not to waste unnecessary time on social media and neglect either work or private space. It might also not work any better than Facebook, in terms of community building; and ultimately, this remains a social media with all the distorded reality criticism we can think of.

But hey, it's another experiment to share the word and give the floor to others.

So, if you are on Insta, find me behind @outside_the_box_ch and let's connect!

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