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Plant Nursery - third phase

The plant nursery, probably THE ultimate experiment of these confinement weeks, has survived phase 2, obliging me again to consider what the baby plants would need to survive despite my limited knowledge and resources. the plants have kept on thriving, with the roots making their way through the soil and growing more leaves.

The fact is, so many little plants are not supposed to grow together within such a small space. The baby radishes are already tangled, and if you think that the pink part is the one that needs to become fleshy with time, and ultimately grow under the surface, i have decided to cover the cotton pads as much as possible with the remaining wet soil I had, and one more time see if they would like it or not.

Sitting on the balcony, I used a tea spoon to cover as many plants as possible, especially the pink parts. Eventually I want to place each single pot in bigger tanks of soil as soon as we visit the hobby store (as you can guess they have been strongly frequented as soon as they re-opened, and we decided to keep on avoiding crowds for a while).

How did that go, you'd ask?

Well, the radish babies do not seem to complain at all (yet) about this little improvement. As you can see on the top-right picture, the roots have grown so much through the pots even, which makes watering even necessary despite this week's grey weather. Let's see what phase 4 brings along (hopefully a lot more soil and space to progress).

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