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Supporting local businesses

Two weeks Zug hosted its yearly Adventsmarkt, its traditional Advent time market in Altstadt. The streets were fairly empty, the number of little stalls was limited, and wearing mask was mandatory to navigate the stony alleys of the Old Town.

While I was trying to find some good-old Christmas spirit to enlight my pandemic-blurred mind, the main reason bringing me there to finally meet some people I had been following for a while on Instagram, that I had never met in person before. I wanted to finally introduce myself, after sharing so many thumbs up and comments, and give it a chance, as small as it can be, to support and promote local businesses and ideas via OUTSIDE THE BOX.

It has always been a habit of ours, at home, to check the origins of our products, buy from the local farms nearby, and make sure we can financially support local establishments versus the big brands or organizations. This year somehow, what started as good intentions and principles have become a must.

So let me share here with you some of my latest crushes for people and businesses.


Eva, from Happynomie, will fulfill your greatest dreams of French and Mexican pastries and cakes, for serious occasions as well as for your daily crushes and delicacy needs. We met through Instagram, and from Day 1 I could feel and almost taste the passion in her words and pictures.

You'll find her menu on the website, and I strongly invite you to get in touch: she is as heartful as her giant New York-style cookies <3

Website: Happynomie


I did not have much time to talk with Muriel, but she quickly showed me her work as a local photographer. I strongly advise you to check our her Instagram page, her portraits are stunning and she's been doing the professional pictures for Happynomie.


On the same Advent stall as the previous ladies, Prachi explained me the powers of the herbal teas she is preparing herself to ensure the right balance of spices and energies.

I am absolutely not familiar with Ayurveda, so Prachi explained me the basics (how challenging it might be to teach a complete newbie within minutes in the middle of the street!) and how her teas can positively affect whether your temperature, your digestive balance or your tensions.

On her website you will find Prachi's offers of Ayurvedic consultation and therapies to support your lifestyle development on a daily basis. Needless to say, she was absolutely lovely!

Website: Jaya Ayurveda


Andrina and Mischa from Planet Bee were the only zero-waste representatives of the Adventsmarkt this year.

With their beewax wraps of all colours and all sizes, they try make a difference in our households and show that a life without plastic is surely possible and environmentally-friendly. As a planned activity for the holidays, I purchased a beewax block to learn and make our own wrap, using their instructions (even available in French!).

Website: Planet Bee

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