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The last one

There is a little revolution at home: after the purchase of our reusable capsules for the Nespresso machine, we are now reaching the end of our branded capsules. I am having the last one. A decaf one, to be even more detailed, if you ever cared.

The reusable capsules have worked perfectly fine and have been adopted by the entire household, not just myself. We are now going back to a hobby we like, looking into quality coffee producers and roasters, rather than aiming at the easy fix from the Nespresso shop in town.

We will still have a few boxes anyway at home, for visitors only: we do not want to change others' habits based on ours (and let's be honest, when is the next time people will come and visit...ahem).

So this is it, the last one in my hand. Farewell, waste-I-could-have-avoided-long-ago. I will not miss you.

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