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Thinking outside the box

It's been challenging to find time and focus on the website while closing down the year in all possible ways.

It's been also challenging to dedicate the right time for OUTSIDE THE BOX to run the way I had intended it to run: 4 interviews are not as many as I had wished, and I hope I can increase external contributions more in 2020. More interviews, feedback, postcards, to complement my personal blog posts, my tests and discoveries...the plan is to further share ideas, prolems, solutions...and hopefully inspire others to move forward on their sustainability journey.

And despite a busy private and professional life, OUTSIDE THE BOX is still running and I am still proud of the project itself.

The number of exchanges between the site and readers has been remaining fairly low, I have to say - I am however not actively fighting to boost the website's SEO and visibility like I could do, mostly because of the same lack of time.

For this reason I'd rather then focus on content rather than stats, and the range of countries of origins of our readers keeps enlarging, which makes me already very happy. This year I have seen a lot more visits from African and South-American countries, and I hope this can keep one.

But now, it's time to take a little break.

Not that I need an online one especially, but it never hurts to do absolutely nothing until we are back on our daily routines.

I am still sending an appeal to you, our readers, though:

Is there anything specific, as topic, that you would want to see addressed?

Things that I should test for you?

Things to change content or format-wise to make OUTSIDE THE BOX more relevant?

OUTSIDE THE BOX was built on the simple idea to give you a voice and a platform to share your sustainable journey. I am sure there is a lot to be said, to be screamed out even, but there is so much I can do if you do not reach out yourself.

To summarize: please be part of OUTSIDE THE BOX's content-making, one way or another.

I wish you a happy new year - may 2020 be better and bring you the best vibes of love, happiness, peace and health.

See you around, with love,


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