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  • Marie

Today is World Environment Day 2020!

This is my son, Maximilian, and the flowers we planted together a few days ago. He is 5, and he has been an amazing source of inspiration, especially when I am lacking hope or motivation.

He is the one who makes sure we turn off all lights and appliances at home.

He is the one who built a recycling station in his bedroom as our recycling center was closed during lockdown.

He is the one reminding us what healthy food means (but he is also the one who will not let go of his chocolate of course!).

He is the one who declared he wants to build a house, with a big garden, to plant trees and flowers and veggies and fruits. There will of course be an insect hotel on the side of this garden. In this house each person will have an electric car. Each car will have a different shape and size to serve a different purpose. And like in Ikea in Lucerne, we will collect rain water to flush the toilets and water his garden.

He is the one who decided to be a garbage man to teach people how to sort waste properly (keep in mind though, he also wants to be a policeman, a fireman, an astronaut, or just be on holiday everyday).

He and his sister are the ones I want to dedicate World Environment Day 2020 to.


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