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TRY AND SHARE - let's test for you!

I figured that a part of changing your daily routines and lifestyle is to test things, until you find the products and projects that suit you the best.

So I have decided to start a new little topic for OUTSIDE THE BOX: I will officially share with you feedback on some items I am testing at home, as objectively as possible.

Let's also clear the path here: I will mention brands, apps, websites...but so far this project remains completely free of any commercial perspective. And should I ever be contacted to Try and Share anything, you, my dear readers, would obviously be notified clearly.

Let's also be sure of one thing: this new blog category will be completely random.

That means, I expect to post here on cosmetics, food, apps, daily tools and apart from my objective feedback please do not expect any coherence!

That being said, as usual, OUTSIDE THE BOX is also inviting you to contribute, if you feel like sharing some tests of yours:

  • Send your name, age and location

  • Name the product and the context in which you have tried it (zero waste, organic, etc...)

  • Submit a concise, objective review

  • A picture will always help to illustrate!

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