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Unboxing boxes - Part 2

After the great shopping fail I shared here with you, I wanted to finally write about a better unboxing moment I experienced before the summer. I won a competition launched on Instagram by Zero Waste Box Swiss to receive a box half-price with exclusive zero-waste-friendly items.

This is what I happily unboxed:

🌱A nice glass cup for drinks on the go Keepcup 🌱A cotton shopper bag 🌱A colorful cotton string bag 🌱A set of veggie bags (5pcs. of different sizes) for bulk shopping 🌱2 bamboo toothbrushes Hydrophil 🌱2 boxes of bamboo qtips Hydrophil 🌱A hypoallergic sea sponge for the body 🌱2 loofahs for washing dishes and surfaces 🌱And the wooden box itself which can be re-used for storage.

Out of these, so far I have only tested a few:

  • The bamboo toothbrush has been a sincere surprise. It has lasted the entire summer without any problem (while plastic ones tend to quickly go down in quality), and even though I had to get used to the feeling of wet wood in my mouth. Small low point - which does not affect the overall positive impression: the wood absorbs the Boom! charcoal-based toothpaste pills from Lush and the black colour does not fade away.

  • I waited to finish my stock of regular qtips to test the bamboo ones from Hydrophil, with a big thumb up in terms of quality and feeling.

  • The coffee cup winked at my husband, who finally prefered to keep it home rather than bringing it to the office with the fear to have it taken away by even more interesting colleagues. As I already had my bamboo cup at work, I decided this one would be the perfect accessory to the diaper bag to come. Afer all, mama will need coffee to go very fast.

  • The cotton string bag might be the perfect colour to me, however it is surely not something I will be using on the long term. As much as it looks good on insta pictures, full with oranges and grapefruits freshly bought from the market, I am still a totebag super-user and can only fear to lose things through the net holes.

  • Sponges and loofahs will be the next one to be tested, even though we have generally kept our brushes and wipes long enough now to call our habits fairly eco-friendly.

  • The pouches for zero-waste shopping are now waiting to be washed. I had planned to buy some colourful ones from KuFu, but I will pass for a while now that I have these ones at home. The main reason why I had not started earlier using them is that we are lacking zero-waste shopping options in Zug; I am obviously very excited about the opening of the latest Chez Mamie zero-waste shop in Zurich HB which I plan to visit soon, and which might be what I was looking for.

  • The totebag has a good size, but will also stay un-used for a while until we decide to replace the ones we already have.

To summarize, a happy unboxing for a longer term commitment on some items.

Be mindful in any case when you look into zero-waste products. Like I already said and still think, they only make sense to me if they do not replace anything that can still be used. For instance, I am not going to buy more accessories (boxes, cosmetics, etc...) as long as I still have stocks for them at home, even if they are made out of plastic. I would not want to waste or worse, trash them, for the only sake of going fully zero-waste-friendly, which would obviously be super-counterproductive. Saying this, I did get ourselves metal lunch boxes and a cement-paper laptop case that I cannot wait to show you....

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