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I had spotted the ads some months ago and had to take a picture in the middle of the Zug train station, to make sure I do not forget to share it here. I got confused by the phone on the announcement and therefore expected to find an app, but instead I had to make my way trough the web.

Vom Hof is a great initiative of Shweizer Bauern, the association of Swiss peasants, which compiles the farms that you can visit around thanks to a search engine that will allow you to find the ones in your neighbourhood. Click on a profile and you'll learn more about the farm and its owners, the farm's specialties, what you can buy there etc...

The association also pushes for the Twint payment system which allows customers to pay via an app.

At last I can only invite you all to look into the Flyer for seasonal fruits and vegetables produced in Switzerland, to make sure you get the best from our local producers and learn more how to purchase and cook sustainably.

Note that the webiste is available in German, French and Italian only.

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