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When a tree has to fall

Another blog project I have had in mind for very long time is to invite readers to share pictures of trees that they find inspiring. We have the chance in Zug to have massive, majestic examples throughout town, and it's been with a pinch in the heart that I got to know that the one on the picture will have to be chopped down this week.

This amazing beech tree has been providing some lovely shade and bird shelter in the corner of the Baarerstrasse and the Guthirtstrasse, on the side of the Guthirt church. The reverend explains in his note to the parish community that the tree suffered a strong heat and water stress due to the construction activities in the area, which unfortunately led to the development and spread of two different fungi. This has weakened the tree's structure, hitting roots and trunk; and despite efforts to remove the biggest chunk of it and bind the branches to prevent it from falling over, the safety operations have failed, and the tree will be removed on Friday. Other trees will be panted in the newly-freed space.

I have been passing by this tree every single day almost for the past 3 years, and needless to say its presence will be missed.

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