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Why I avoid online shopping

During our hike on Sunday, I made the rookie mistak of not holding tight enough on my water bottle's lid, which ended up rolling down in the forest and disappearing under thick layers of dry wood and multiple plants (including nettles and other wild species). My husband tried to find it around, but it was a lost cause without risking an injury. And as much as I hated myself for losing a man-made item in a wild space, risking my husband's health over a lid was no discussion.

I was afraid I would have to buy a brand new bottle over my stupid move. But a quick search showed me replacement lids were available for purchase in Office World, the office supply shop affiliated to Migros. I did not hesitate and within minutes I bought the lid replacement for the bottle.

Less than 48 hours later the package arrived. You can imagine me grinding my teeth a little at the view of the carton box which was pretty much empty. I would expect from an office supply brand to have various types of packaging, including those that actually suit smaller items...

Well let's remain positive: the bottle is saved. But seriously...Next time I will surely be more careful.

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