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Local Press, Communications and Waste /3

Following my little survey and discovery of how much waste could be prevented if local free newspapers had a better idea of their reading targets (see post here), I finally sent a message to the redactions of Zuger Woche and Zuger Press. I will keep you posted when/if I receive any feedback from them.


As a newcomer in Zug I am very happy to receive your newspaper every week. It gives me the possibility to know the latest news regarding the canton, the companies, local events, etc...

The chance however that I have, is that I can read German. There are also no real places elsewhere for non-German speakers to access the type of local information you write. And following many discussions with international friends, sadly many have told me that they do not read local press and regret it.

I am a sustainability professional - I care about the environment, as well as about the access to information to general social happiness and integration.

In this context, a few weeks ago I made a little survey to understand how much waste in production, transportation and delivery could be avoided if your team would assess the actual interest of the local Zug households to read your newspaper.

Here are my questions:

1- Could you please share some information regarding the way you manage the environment, ie where the paper comes from, how you organize delivery and waste, etc...?

2- Have you ever considered sharing content in English (even a page or two only) directed to the expat community? Based on feedback it would surely increase interest in your newspaper.

I sincerely believe that your understanding would allow your redcation to reduce costs and waste, better understand your readers and be a tool for better integration of the local expats.

Thank you in advance.

OUTSIDE THE BOX is a personal, not-political, not-for-profit project. The above message has been shared with Zuger Woche and Zuger Presse redactions.

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