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Earth Hour 2018

For the past years and as often as we could, we've been respecting the Earth Hour and turning our lights and utilities off.

I have also witnessed amazing large scale initiatives and events all over the world, for example national monuments being turned off, or hotel and resorts in the UAE inviting their guests to take part to learn how they can reduce their footprint and become eco-travellers.

The Earth Hour global movement was launched in Australia in 2007 by WWF to raise awareness and bring people from all over the world together in the fight for a better planet. And when it is (too often) believed that there is not so much we can do on the individual level to mitigate the effects of our actions, turning off lights is a small but obviously easy thing that can change much.

Do not miss your chance to do your share and take part of the Earth Hour 2018 edition on Saturday (March 24th)!

There are a few available options:

  • turn your lights off, and if possible other appliances* in your house between 8.30-9.30 pm local time

  • share best practices of energy savings using #connect2earth on social media platform and engage with others around you to join as well (Why not doing a little dinner around candle light!)

  • check if there is any event aroud you, which would be a good way for you to discover like-minded people and organizations

  • use the Earth Hour collaterals and toolkit to raise awareness at home, at work, in schools... it might be too late for 2018, but the fight against climate change is the work of everyone and everyday!


Pic Credit: Earth Hour website

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