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World Refugee Day 2018 - 20 June

Have you seen this amazingly-designed poster in the streets of Switzerland last week?

If not you have missed the campaign of the Swiss Refugee Council in view of the international World Refugee Day 2018 which will take place on 20 June throughout the world - 16 June in Switzerland.

The Council was out and about cities on the past Saturday to raise awareness among the local commnunities regarding the urgency to help refugees and give them a hand to start a new, safe life and help them build a new home.

If you read German or French, I strongly advise you to read the stories and check the videos the Council made of refugees that have started a new life journey in Switzerland. These stories are eye-opening, mind-blowing, and surely bring you into looking at your own hands and your own luck to be living in a safe place with your loved ones.

The UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR, reminds everyone on his website that "In a world where one in every 113 people have been forced to flee their homes because of war or persecution it’s vital we demonstrate the global public stands."

Using the hashtag #WithRefugees, you can share the call for international action and local support on social media.

You, me, we can always do something, even small, to help: donate money or clothes, help with educative projects (language and cultural classes), provide shelter or food...there's so much that can be done.

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