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First harvest of the season

We started 2 months ago with some baby plants, a few empty boxes, pretty heavy bags of soil and an average amount of knowledge on how to grow plants properly at home. We were hoping for this moment but not really expecting such an amazing result: we ate our first home-grown tomatoes tonight (Golden Pearl variety) and celebrated amazing flavours and colours.

(note that we needed the help of a firetruck to collect the fruits of our labour - click on the pics to enlarge them)

And because we do not want to stop here already, we have more than 30 baby tomato plants growing, and the technique of "let's put random seeds between wet cotton pads and see what comes" has been proven highly successful with raddish, basil and melons. I am not so sure we will have the space, nor the motivation, nor the time to manage it all, but it is worth the try and it provides a never-ending source of educational material for our son.

But hey, if you are in Zug and feel like adopting some plants, let me know :)

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