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Fast-fashion gets involved?

Our oldest readers will for sure know my love for fast-fashion (and to the new readers, please understand that this is a sarcastic statement). However I cannot resist to share a few little things that caught my eyes over the past days.


Zara proposes a DIY tutorial so that parents can learn how to re-use their children's tshirts and transform them for instance into soft books or pillows. Of course this is a great way to advertize for the new animal-shaped collection, but obviously this could be applied to any tshirt...of any brand.

The tutorial is available via QR Code on the items' stickers; in the meantime you can refer to the campaign's page for a short video with the basic steps to proceed. Pics/Zara


"Parley has been created to accelerate a process of change that is already in progress."

There would be too much to tell here about Parley, a new US-driven movement gathering artists, scientists, fashion designers, filmmakers and many more to exchange ideas and identify what can be done to raise awareness and protect our environment.

One of the Parley projects, Parley for the Oceans, has received the support of Adidas which has created an entire sportswear collection out of upcycled plastic interecepted from the oceans and transformed into materials that can be used for fashion purposes. The collection includes running shoes as well as a fairly comprehensive set of tshirts and sweatshirts.

Parley and the beer brand Corona have also helped design a limited edition of sunglasses in upcycled plastic as part of a new fundraising campaign to clean beaches and coral reef ecosystems.

Pic/ Adidas Parley

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