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Films for the Earth Festival 2018

Save the date!

On Friday, September 21th, many cinemas and viewing spots throughout Switzerland will participate in the Films for the Earth Festival - Filme fur die Erde.

While the organization, supported by thousands of volunteers worlwide, offers movie screenings all the time (including many in English with German subtitles for the local viewers, see program here), the Festival will also provide sessions dedicated to schools as well as public viewings sponsored by more than 60 organizations, associations and local entrepreneurs willing to showcase their commitment towards sustainability locally. Depending on the venue you will also be able to access their exhibition as well as lunch sessions.

The chosen movies for the festival will all deal with biodiversity, waste management, and our impact and responsibility as human beings, consumers...towards our one and only planet Earth. However, outside the scope of the Festival, the website of the organization also provides an amazing list of movies and documentaries dealing with environmental protection.

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