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Naturgarten Letzi

When I failed to reach the gym on Sunday morning by 30 degrees outside, I had to manage my sports-free guilt and decided to go on a little bie ride around. Nothing extraordinary as I am not the most adventurous one, but I had decided to systematically stop each time I would find something new, in order to explore a little. Not really outside of my comfort zone for sure but I wanted to let my curiosity talk.

So after zoning around hundreds of vintage cars at the Zug "Sunday morning classic car meet" I rode towards the Lorze river to see if the farms would be open.

I did not go that far and made a stop barely 300 meters away to discover the Naturgarten Letzi.

The project, in place thanks to the Pro Natura organization in Zug, is a little gem of nature inside the city. With a quite detailed information board (in German only, though), the Naturgarten protects certain species of plants and animals and raises awareness to the local population which is invited to wander around the little block to discover the various plants and hopefully find a few insects of animals here or there.

Under the ongoing heatwave though, I could not see too much and ended up with my legs scratched with dry plants' thorns...but it is probably a little city corner I will come back to throughout the year and on different seasons, to see how it evolves in shapes and colours.

To be found on the Am Letzibach corner of town.

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