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Carlsberg reveals its revolutionary Snap Pack

The pictures of plastic rings stuck around a turtle's neck or ending in a birds' nests are probably not unknown to you and have been a sad symbol of the awful impact of our plastic production to wildlife in the world.

Early September the Danish-based Carlsberg Group (I hope my Danish readers can hear my nostalgy in these words) launched what could be a revolutionary solution for its most famous green packs: the Snap Pack " holds Carlsberg Expørt cans together in a multipack form with small pieces of a specially developed glue in small dots, which are easily snapped apart when required, but robust enough to stand up to handling to and from the store" (Packaging Europe).

Glue. A few dots of glue and a change in packaging mindset to help reduce plastic waste. Isn't that simply genius, or geniusly simple?

The new process aims at removing 1,200 tons of plastic annually from the market and reduce CO2 emissions related to the production and packaging of the drinks. The process has been done with the support of the Danish chapter of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) which commends the group's efforts to do research for a more sustainable supply chain.

The new Snap Pack will be tested until the end of the year in the UK and Norway and should make its way onto the Danish market in 2019. It is not the first time the Carlsberg Group leads the way for a more sustainable production.

Skål, mine venner!

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